Robotic Process Automation


Boost your company’s capabilities with Robotic Process Automation

At PFS Tech, we are specialists in RPA and automate repetitive and rule-based business processes that require high personnel consumption, freeing workers to do more valuable tasks.

What is RPA?

RPA is a technology that allows you to deploy a digital workforce (software robots or “bots”) that allow you to automate repetitive administrative tasks using any application or computer system of the company in the same way a user would.

These robots are capable of imitating the tasks that a user would do such as connecting to web applications, copying, pasting or renaming files, creating directories and folders, accessing SAP or any other ERP, reading and writing to databases, extracting data from documents , fill out forms, etc …

The objective of RPA is not to replace people but to free them from repetitive tasks of little value and time consuming so that they can focus on more strategic tasks and of greater value for the company.



RPA benefits

What processes can we automate using RPA?

How does RPA work?

RPA works with existing applications respecting the existing technology architecture and infrastructure. It does not require any change in the systems since the software robot executes the tasks in the same way as a user would.

Only one computer or server is required to install the robot license and one more employee will be available who can quickly automate any repetitive processes and based on rules such as customer service, report generation, invoice processing or registration of employees, products or suppliers.

Examples of tasks that a robot can do:

  • Connect to web applications
  • Fill out forms
  • Copy, paste and move files
  • Access to SAP or any ERP or CRM
  • Open emails and process attachments
  • Connect to Databases
  • Make calculations and actions based on rules
  • Extract and enter data
  • Generate reports and reports
  • Create directories and folders
  • Recognize documents
  • Access social networks
  • Merge data from multiple sources
  • Connect to an API

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Examples of areas to robotize with RPA

Discover how we have applied automation in repetitive processes in the areas of the following companies.

Integrations with applications

Our robotization solutions can be integrated and automate transactions in any ERP and many other applications.