Architecture & DevOps

We have a role in Technological Leadership for our clients by providing expert advisory and consulting services, to provide them with the value of new technologies through the design and optimization of technological architectures that guarantee alignment with the business and technological coherence throughout the organization.

The main functions of the PFS Tech architecture team are:

  • Lead technological know-how and innovation
  • Anticipate technological trends and make proof of concept
  • Define the global technological architecture aligned with the business
  • Design, modernize and optimize technological architectures
  • Evaluate different architectures or technologies marking selection criteria
  • Define and implement development frameworks

From the area of architecture, one of the technological and innovation benchmarks of the group, we have accompanied our clients in the progressive incorporation of the architecture and in the design of different technological solutions, forming them and following them up in order to measure the real value contributed.

Get goals with Architecture and DevOps.

Through an expert consulting service, we design and optimize technological architectures adapted to the objectives of your business.