About us

PFS Tech is a boutique IT company offering a full range of digital consultancy, technology and outsourcing services.

We are a spin-off of PFS Group, a company specializing in financial consultancy services and credit risk and debt recovery solutions.


To highlight the advantages offered by new technologies and help our clients with their digital transformation.

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To be a recognised leader for digital technology, consultancy and innovation in the business world.

Corporate values


We take the initiative, inspiring our clients and instilling change to help them compete in highly dynamic environments.


While we have extensive experience working with major companies, no project is too small for us. We speak your language, helping to improve processes and technology and ensure that you reap the benefits as soon as possible.


We have a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals who are fully committed to our objectives and eager to take on new challenges to ensure the success of your projects.


We tackle each project together with our clients, adopting your goals as our own and establishing a relationship of confidence due to our high involvement and maximum professional standards.


We are constantly researching and keeping pace with the latest technology to offer new viewpoints and solutions.


We are not members of a multinational group nor are we linked to any technology brand, meaning that we can offer a truly independent service.

We are everything you would expect from a boutique company reliable, committed, flexible, responsive, tailored to your needs and above all highly innovative. At the same time, we have the necessary size, experience and skills to offer you a top-level service.

Management Team

Agustín Rodríguez
Managing Partner at PFS Group
Francisco García
Jorge Giner
Consulting Director
Loreta Esquerdo
Project Director
Gonzalo Estellés
Innovation Director
Iván Fuentes
Delivery Director


Do you want to try our services? Do you want to become our customer? We remain at your disposal.


If you’re a technology vendor we’ll be glad to hear from you.


If you’re passionate about technology and/or have experience with digitization projects and you’re keen to join our team and be a part of innovative projects, send your CV.

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